After hours of trying I finally got iO/S 5 installed on my iPhone 4.   One of the first things I could not wait to try was iCloud with photo stream to see how it was to have the photos from my iPhone automatically sync to my MacBook Pro.  So after installing all the Lion updates, I was good to go… Or so I thought.

I took a picture and quickly went to the computer and opened iPhoto 9.2, which was one of the updates released today to help kick iCloud into high gear.  The only problem was after having it open for only seconds, it crashed.  Not good and I was not happy.  I rebooted, go back to iPhoto and the same exact thing happened.  Wonderful, this great new feature is not working.

Well, after googling for about an hour I finally came across a fix.  If you are having the same problems, follow these step by step directions and you should soon be up and running as well.

  1. Open up Finder
  2. In the search box in the upper right hand corner put in: 3ivxVideoCodec.component
  3. Now click the + button below the search box next to save
  4. Click the box that says kind and select sytem files
  5. Select Aren’t Included and change to Are Included
  6. Move the file 3ivxVideoCodec.component and move it to the trash
  7. Empty your trash
  8. If you have problems emptying your trash and it tells you the file is in use, log out and log back in. Now repeat Step 7.
  9. Relaunch iPhoto

That is all there is to it!