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So often I have opinions on what happens in the soap world, but because of my profession as a photographer, most of the time I kept mum. It has come to the point, as my opportunities are growing outside this world, I no longer feel the need to keep quiet. Instead of sitting back and …   Read More

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So often I have opinions on what happens in the soap world, but because of my profession as a photographer, most of the time I kept mum. It has come to the point, as my opportunities are growing outside this world, I no longer feel the need to keep quiet. Instead of sitting back and taking what they give us, it is about time to speak up on behalf of the intelligent soap watchers.

What really gets me now is the very recent Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney tweets. You see, since this entire Victor story has started on Y&R I found myself shaking my head and questioning why are they doing this entire story again? And to continue the Victor is missing, it finishes up once again with “Oh no, Victor is dead.” I said to myself “Have we not already seen this entire story, multiple times before?”

I was relieved to read Michael Muhney’s tweet, calling out the exact same thing I have been saying to myself.

Then, I was sickened when Eric Braeden called him out on it:

Now first let me clarify, I am a huge fan of Eric Braeden.  I think he is a brilliant actor and a vital part of Y&R.  I could not picture the show without Victor Newman involved in someway or another.  But somewhere along the way he has lost touch with what the fans want to see.  Why, after all these years do they continue to spoon-feed the audience the same crap time after time is beyond me.  The same people who think this is OK are the same ones wondering why the ratings are down. With all do respect, Mr. Braeden, the actor with the mere 3 years clearly has a bigger grasp on reality at this point.

Thankfully, Michael Muhney and myself are not the only ones who feel this way as the scribe who penned this recycled crap has since been removed and replaced.  Here is to hoping that the regime will help clean things up and make The Young and the Restless good again.  Lets hope that recently replaced Jill Farren Phelps at General Hospital, will take note from her successor Frank Valentini at GH  and do the same for Young and the Restless.

On one final note, I want to thank Mr. Muhney for actually having the balls enough to speak up and point out the obvious.  Kudos to you sir!

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  1. Nancy Reply

    I am so surprised that Eric Braeden actually does not see the particular storyline as being nothing but a total insult to both the actors and the viewers. I certainly hope it is not going to be “business as usual” where Mr. Braeden gets to do a “Victor Newman” in real life and be given the power he used to have with TPTB … surely that won’t be the case … but, if it is, we’ll see if there will be any backlash against Michael M. in real life as regards his job at the Y&R … definitely a veteran of high quality but being more than a tad dilusional at the moment over a “storyline” … hey Eric, it is not real life, it is just a poorly written storyline.

  2. wolfy Reply

    I’m very surprised that Mr. Braeden lashed out at Mr. Muhney, especially when Mr. Muhney is so spot on when it comes to being correct! We fans have seen Victor “die” several times now, and he’s disappeared after “dying” or when he’s “died” more often than not, only to return triumphantly once again, into the loving arms of his family, claiming to be a changed man (or with revenge in mind, per usual). Fans nearly choked on laughter when the character of Sharon “died” in a fiery car crash in the desert; we all went online and commented how it was EXACTLY the same storyline as when Victor first “died” in Kansas, completely down to the farm and the sweet person they meet. Michael Muhney, “delusional arrogance?” Not hardly, Mr. Braeden. If someone is being delusional, sir, it’s you and the former staff at Y&R, because believe me, the fans are NOT as stupid as you all seem to think we are. Oh, and we come up with MUCH better storylines, too…

  3. RealityCheck Reply

    Eric Braeden should publicly apologize to Micheal Muhney. His personal attack was unwarranted and unprofessional behavior beyond the pale. Michael Muhney has praised Mr Braeden publicly for years. This comment shows just what kind of egomaniac Braeden is. If he were the “big man” that he claims to be, the should do the right thing and say he overreacted and say he was sorry for those comments.

  4. Vickie Reply

    I don’t hold out much hope that Phelps & Co will improve things, as in my opinion, she killed GH. Losing Genie Francis, Debbie Morgan and Marcy right away just shows she still hates female characters, and will turn Y&R into another show where women are stupid insipid creatures treated like dirt. My only hope is that Michael Muhney continues to elevate this mess into something I can watch.

  5. DNI Reply

    Michael Muhney is a rockstar in the world of soaps. They are lucky to have him on Y&R, where he could easily be back on a primetime show. I am a fan of Braeden too, but was turned off by his comment to MM. Looks to me like Braedon is the one with the delusional arrogance and threatened by Muhney’s popularity, talent, passion & enthusiasm for acting. Braeden’s acceptance of the current storyline shows that he is phoning it in and does not care to be challenged as an actor anymore, where Muhney definitely always needs to stretch his talents and grow as a character and actor. Aside from that, shame on Braedon for his comments so obviously directed towards Muhney, as MM has praised working with him multiple times over his “mere 3 years.” Muhney shows class, where Braedon has shown that this actor with 3 years of Y&R experience has touched an ego nerve of a “30 year veteran” and rattled him.

  6. Pamela Reply

    I completely agree with all of the above, but “DNI”, you knocked it out of the park – grand slam! Wonderfully written!

  7. annyhall Reply

    I hate this Victor lovefest s/l. But I am glad he got up in MMs face about what he said. MM has been saying things lately to offend some fans who disagree with him or Actors he didnt thinkd deserved a Emmy! Posters who use to post freely have had their post deleted because they criticized this dude. So when EB called his azz out I leeped for joy. Now someone finally took on that bully and he was brave enough to come back at him.

    It doesnt take any balls to criticize your boss after he/she is no longer there. He said not a word about the crappy s/ls while MAB was in charge. I dont call it having balls when you cant be penalized for speaking up. I call that playing it SAFE! btw for some reason this page will not let me correct my errors!

  8. Thomas A. Montalto Reply

    Hi Anny,

    First off, I am a little confused as to why you would be upset for someone defending that exact thing you say you have a problem with.

    One thing I can tell you for certain is you do not know what goes on behind closed doors and what kind of a relationship Michael had/has with MAB or any of the boss’ over there. Many things that go on behind the scenes, are behind the scenes for the reason. The only thing I can guarantee you is Mr. Muhney is not the type of guy who is only making a scene on twitter now because it is over. He proved with how he spoke up for the Emmy process and had the process changed that there that when he believes in something, he will not sit idle.

    Take care,


  9. MDBBALL02 Reply

    Funny MM didn’t whine about how insulting it was to have his character cause his step mother’s miscarraige, clean it up with a towel, and have her have a hysterical pregnancy for months and labor, him steal a baby for her, then marry the woman he stole the baby from! He has pretended to be gay to get away with being evil which no straight guy would do in real life. He has had his own share of susprended disbeleif storylines….you are right he has some BAlls for whining about Victor’s storyline. We WANT Vicotr and Nikki reunited and this is how it happend! Gave all (the cast and fans) a reminder of how important that character is….Adam is pouting on the show for not being called and told Victor lives … mow MM is whining about the storyline …(So he’s NOT acting on the show if this is how he feels…Sad …and DISRESPECTFUL! The “Young” on this show have traditionally been disrespectful of the Legacy stars .. but if it weren’t for them, these Punks wouldn’t have a #1, 40 year old show to work on!

    1. dom Reply

      How scary that you obviously confuse an actor with his “character.” Someone is spending too much time watching their Daytime TV. You fail to miss the point of Muhney’s criticism. It was not a “suspended belief” story, it was because they have done that particular story with Victor at least 5 times over the years. He “dies” everyone in town believes it & then he suddenly comes back to town. The storylines Muhney had to do may have been wacky, but they at least were original stories for Y&R and dammed exciting and fun to watch. I can’t say the same for for Braedon’s repetitive “Victor is dead” storyline. How sad for that actor that TBTB obviously don’t believe he can do more with story. :/

  10. Reginald Reply

    I am a big fan of both actors, but I’m starting to believe that Mr. Braeden thinks he’s Victor Newman both on and off camera.

    It wasn’t like Mr. Muhney was trashing the Victor Newman character or Mr. Braeden himself, he was just saying that fans of the show are getting tired of seeing the same story (Victor leaves town, presumed dead, come back from the dead, and convinces his family that he’s a changed man) being seen on television…Least that’s what I think.

  11. Gillian M. Reply

    I have to say that I can see why Eric B. took offense to Michael’s tweet, right or wrong. Anyone who follows Michael Muhney’s tweets knows that he has a very dry sense of humor, yet also speaks his mind, come hell or high water. I genuinely think his comment about the storyline for Victor Newman was uncalled for. I agree with the commenter above that Michael never mentioned one word on Twitter about the offensive storylines that MAB gave to his character as Adam. Why is he now offended that they’ve resurrected the “dead Victor” storyline? Seems baffling to me that he chose to take a dig at it. Y&R is notorious for constantly digging up and re-using the same storylines. I’ve been watching it for 30 years and it seems to me Michael Muhney hasn’t researched the show back to the beginning. If anything, he should have just called out MAB (not that it matters now) for the horrific writing. Both Eric and Michael are kind, yet very outspoken people. It’s unfortunate that a couple of twitter messages between 2 actors have gone viral and are causing such a ruckas. Let them work it out (if even needed) between themselves.

  12. shugg6969 Reply

    Well it looks like MST started some more shit! We all know who encouraged EB to sign up for twitter! I think EB has met his match in MM! lol PB took bs from him for years and was nice enough to keep quiet about it….GO MM!!!

  13. DJB Reply

    Excellent article – first of all MM’s comments were NOT directed at Eric Braeden, they were directed at the writing. At least MM has the guts and ability to articulate what so many are thinking.

  14. Thomas A. Montalto Reply

    I just want to elaborate on one thing Gillians. Michael has absolutely spoken out against his own storylines in the past both at fan events and on Twitter. One example was when he threw the memory card in the river. He absolutely hated that and thought it was out of character for Adam. He had no problem speaking his mind on twitter about that. So to say he has not criticized his own story really is unfair.

  15. Carla Reply

    This is very disheartening news to hear of MM’s firing, which was instigate by a fellow castmate. Shame on you EB!!!!! MM is so right. The story lines were becoming stale and rehashed. As of now, I am starting a petition to boycott The Y and the R. MM’s Adam was my very favorite character. You should have listened to MM instead of trying to silence his voice. Underhanded stuff like that usually backfires. Shame, Shame Shame on you!

  16. Itchbay Reply

    The problem with Mr. Braeden is that Y&R has made him such an omnipresence that he believes he IS the entire show. His character has gotten away with so much crap over the years that he believes he IS invincible. Without the supporting cast, he would have no one to lord his self-involved greatness over. Michael Muhney is correct. Soap viewers are much smarter than the writers and other ptb give us credit for. This is the reason why viewship is down and soaps are being cancelled. With Jeanne Cooper, Michelle Stafford, and now Billy Miller and Michael Muhney gone, just how much longer will Y&R survive? Its best characters have gone and I for one only tuned back in in recent years because of these characters. I can’t stand any of the other Newmans and Jack Abbott can only fill so much screen time before one gets completely bored and/or annoyed and changes the channel.

  17. capflite Reply

    Ever since Jill Phelps took over, she has made a lot of colossal mistakes. The show is filled with newbies that no one cares about and to let these two veterans go is insane. Who hired her and who can let her go. She is the one who needs to be fired.

    I don’t care what she did at GH, she doesn’t know Y&R at all. She’s even made Victor so mean and nasty, I can hardly stand to watch him anymore. He is so close to being nonredeemable.

    So I guess it’s also the writers who can’t get a handle on this show and longtime viewers should be outraged.

    To let Billy walk and to fire Michael, is just plain wrong. This longtime viewer will not stand for anymore recasts

  18. ladybug Reply

    I’ve watched Y&R since day one. I will not watch after Jan. 30. Michael Muhney is made for better things. I hope to see him on prime time in the near future. This firing was a blessing in disguise. I used to admire Victor, but the writers are making him into such an SOB that I can’t stand to watch him anymore. So long Y&R.

  19. thrillSeeker Reply

    Braeden certainly was involved in Muhney’s firing. He wanted Muhney gone. It’s so obvious. Good-bye Y&R, so done.

  20. Kerry Reply

    Eric Braedon needs to retire his story lines are so unreal. Old with the old and in with the new Mr. Braedon and as for JFP she needs to go to go too

  21. Paulette Patterson Reply

    It comes a time when no matter how long you have been employed new ideas should be accepted. This audience is tired of recycled story lines. I agree How many times can Victor Newman die and come back. I applaud Michael Muhney for being the only one to stand up for what he believes. Sometimes people lose their star power and Eric Braden is quickly losing his.

  22. Connie Reply

    And what a relief it will be when Victor Newman really IS dead and buried. His character is tiring and ridiculous. Besides that, he is as nasty in real life as he is as VN.

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