So often I have opinions on what happens in the soap world, but because of my profession as a photographer, most of the time I kept mum. It has come to the point, as my opportunities are growing outside this world, I no longer feel the need to keep quiet. Instead of sitting back and taking what they give us, it is about time to speak up on behalf of the intelligent soap watchers.

What really gets me now is the very recent Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney tweets. You see, since this entire Victor story has started on Y&R I found myself shaking my head and questioning why are they doing this entire story again? And to continue the Victor is missing, it finishes up once again with “Oh no, Victor is dead.” I said to myself “Have we not already seen this entire story, multiple times before?”

I was relieved to read Michael Muhney’s tweet, calling out the exact same thing I have been saying to myself.

Then, I was sickened when Eric Braeden called him out on it:

Now first let me clarify, I am a huge fan of Eric Braeden.  I think he is a brilliant actor and a vital part of Y&R.  I could not picture the show without Victor Newman involved in someway or another.  But somewhere along the way he has lost touch with what the fans want to see.  Why, after all these years do they continue to spoon-feed the audience the same crap time after time is beyond me.  The same people who think this is OK are the same ones wondering why the ratings are down. With all do respect, Mr. Braeden, the actor with the mere 3 years clearly has a bigger grasp on reality at this point.

Thankfully, Michael Muhney and myself are not the only ones who feel this way as the scribe who penned this recycled crap has since been removed and replaced.  Here is to hoping that the regime will help clean things up and make The Young and the Restless good again.  Lets hope that recently replaced Jill Farren Phelps at General Hospital, will take note from her successor Frank Valentini at GH  and do the same for Young and the Restless.

On one final note, I want to thank Mr. Muhney for actually having the balls enough to speak up and point out the obvious.  Kudos to you sir!