Just to update from our prior blog, if you are having the same issue with Mountain Lion, the resolution is the same! Here is our earlier blog re-posted for updated search engine searches!

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While installing some software today on my Mac, I came across an issue I found rather frustrating. Apparently they have changed some of what you can do and not do as an admin in Mac OS X Mountain Lion from prior versions of OS X. After having to “Enable Root User” and doing what I had to, I went back and had to “Disable Root User.” It was only after then I realized I had to go back and enable it again to fix one more thing, only here is where I ran into my problem. After I had went back and hit “Enable Root User” I went to sign in as the root account, and it was then I realized it was no longer accepting my password as root to log in even tho I had no changed it. I even tried changing it in the “Directory Utilty” but had no luck with that either.

It took me hours to figure out what was going on and how to fix it, so I figured I would share it here so maybe if someone else has the same problem, it may save them some aggravation and useless hours searching the internet on how to fix it. I came across many suggested ways to do it, but only one that actually worked. It was only after trying to boot up as a single user and attempting to change the password that way when I saw the error message “Could not verify credentials because directory server does not support the requested authentication method.” Luckily, this message was what led me to finding a fix!

So if you receive the “Could not verify credentials because directory server does not support the requested authentication method” message or need to login to Mac OS X Mountain Lion as a Root User and it is not accepting your password, just follow the below steps and you should be able to get in again in no time.

  1. In the upper left click the Apple Icon > System Preferences > Users & Groups (Under System)
  2. Click the Lock on the lower left and provide your Administrator Password so you are able to make changes
  3. Click the “Login Options” below the user list on the left
  4. Click the “Join” button next to “Network Account Server:”
  5. Click the “Open Directory Utility”
  6. Click the “Directory Editor” option in the Director Utility Window
  7. On the left side scroll down and select “System Administrator”
  8. On the right now select “AuthenticationAuthority”
  9. Now delete it by hitting the “-” button below the top box
  10. Click “Save” in the lower right
  11. Close out of all boxes before going back in and to “Enable Root User”

Once you follow these steps and go back in to “Enable Root User” again, it will ask you automatically for a new root password. Once this is done, you will now be able to log in to Mac OS X Mountain Lion using the root log in again.

You are now done and hopefully found the directions before getting as frustrated as it has made me.