You can see the damage to the Ghost Armor along the sides, this was after the case was removed.

So I’ve been enjoying my iPhone 5 since its release a couple of weeks ago.  On the day of the release, I decided to install Ghost Armor on it at a kiosk across from the Apple Store in the local mall and just hold off on a case.  While shopping at Best Buy today with my wife, I decided to check out what kind of accessories have come out over the past few weeks.

While searching through the cases, I came across one that captured my interest.  It came with two features that intrigued me:  a holster belt clip to hold the phone and a kickstand on the case itself.  I decided to check out the case right there in the store.  Luckily, the packaging was easy to open and I could easily access it.  I was impressed.  The case was not too bulky and didn’t add much weight or size to it at all.  So after weeks of debating and going naked with my iPhone 4s, I decided I would go ahead and use a case with my 5.

When I returned home I decided to put my phone in the case.  Wow, it was really tight trying to install it, but I went slow and eventually got both the top and bottom on.  So far, it looked good.  Then something funny happened within minutes.  I noticed the Ghost Armor was bubbling up along the sides.  As you can imagine, I instantly started to freak out!  Of course, first reaction is to remove the case from the phone; this is where I ran into my second problem.

The case was on so tight, I could not get it off.  I quickly looked at the instructions on how to remove it, thinking I was doing something wrong.  Well, apparently I was.  You had to press down and slowly pull the two sides apart to remove it.  I quickly regrouped, pressed where it instructed me to, and attempted to pull the two sides apart.  Still, no budge at all.  I kept trying, but no luck.  Pressing the magic spot did not make a difference.  I showed my wife the instructions for removal and had her try.  She, too, found it impossible.  In fear of ruining the phone, I did not want to attempt to force it off.  Finally, I was able to push the side to get the iPhone out.  That was definitely not what I had wanted to do, but that worked in the end.

So now I am steaming and I went back to Best Buy to return the case, which was a real shame.  After that, I ran back to the Ghost Armor kiosk at the mall to have my front shield replaced.  Let me tell you how much I love their lifetime warranty!  They will replace any damaged Ghost Armor for just $5.00!  And honestly, I have yet to find any shield that meets up to the quality that theirs does.  They also now have some great Carbon Filters for the back of your phone that will jazz it up a bit, too.

This case had great potential, but obviously was rushed into production in order to get it out to the public.  I noticed that on the Seidio website this case is now listed as back ordered.  I am really hoping that means that they have noticed the flaw with this case and are fixing what could be a hell of a good case.  The girl who worked at Ghost Armor also notified me that they are getting new filters that will be cut just a bit shorter and more case friendly. While I think this is great, the Ghost Armor shield is so thin, this should not have been a problem in the first place.  With or without Ghost Armor installed, this case was way too tight for the iPhone 5.

Now my only problem is to decide whether I just go with a Carbon Fiber back or wait and see if Seidio attempts to fix the problem with this case.