I know I am not the only one who is totally frustrated with the inability to move Newsstand into a folder of its own or remove all together on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6.  Well, after much time I have finally discovered a way that is possible to move it into another folder or remove it all together!  So below is my step by step guide on how you too can finally do something with Newsstand.

First, before you do anything you will need to download a program called iBackupBot and install it.  Luckily it is available for both Mac and Windows, so all users of iOS 6 or the iPhone 5 will have this available.  You can download the software from the below link, of course choose the right option depending on which O/S you use.


  1. First, in iTunes if your method of backup is now already set to “Back up to this computer” change it to this option now and backup via hitting the sync button.
  2. Now, open up iBackupBot and open the backup of the device you just backed up in iTunes. 
  3. Now look for the path called Library/Springboard/IconState.plist and double click on it.  If a popup box appears requesting you to register, just hit cancel.   To help find this easier, you can sort the paths in alphabetical order by clicking the path button on top.
  4. Now you must search for the text where the Newsstand folder is located.  The exact text you need to highlight and the exact way you should highlight is shown below.  Make sure you select it exactly as shown because any spaces could cause an error.  Once you highlight the text to news stand you can copy and paste it to the folder where you would like to store it or delete it entirely.  As you can see, I have moved mine into a folder called “Books”. To simply remove it, just delete the highlighted text.
  5. Hit the Save Icon in the upper left.
  6. Now you must close the plist Editor Window by clicking on the red circle in the upper right.
  7. Your final step is to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch right from iBackupBot by selecting the restore backup/file to iPhone/iPod Touch from the main toolbar. 
  8. This will take a few minutes and your phone will need to reboot.  Do not worry, nothing has gone wrong.   When it restarts, you will see your Newsstand folder has been moved to the destination of your choice.  As you can see by the screen grab below, mine is now in a folder called books. 
  9. Last but not least, be sure to set your backup method back to iCloud if that is now you normally backup up your device.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, leave it in the comments below and I will do my best to help you along the way!  Hopefully this will help save you some frustration and time!