So tonight I began to wonder how I would go about sharing Reminders on my iPhone. I remember hearing about that feature a while ago, but never looked into it. I figured it was about time to try and be more efficient and sharing Honey Do’s and Shopping Lists with my wife. Instead of her having to text me, she could just go in and edit the list so while I am out I will see what was added to the list.

From what I could see, this feature is not accessible directly in iOS 6 on the iPhone. However, there is no need to worry as I have come up with a work around for both Mac and Windows Users.

First, it starts with creating a list. If you are using a Mac, it is relatively easy. Once you create the list, if you move the mouse cursor over the name of the list you will see a satellite icon appear to the right.
Now, click that icon and a box will appear asking who you would like to share that list with. Below it, it notifies you that anyone you share the list with can add, update or delete reminders.

The next step after inviting a person to share the list, is having the other person accept the invitation. The baffling part is that there is no way to accept this invitation on the iPhone itself. If you are using Mountain Lion, you will automatically receive an invitation in Notification Center alerting you that you have been invited to share a list with someone. If you click on that notification, you will be able to accept or decline the invitation. You will also receive an e-mail alert to your iCloud e-mail address notifying you that someone has invited you to share a list.

For those less fortunate to not be using a Mac (or prefer to use Windows??? Haha, little joke) you can sign into to share Reminders. That process is pretty much the same as above. Sign into iCloud at and select the Reminders Icon. Once you do, you can mouse over any list already there or create a new one. When you mouse over the name of the list, you will see the satellite icon appear to the right. A box will pop up when you mouse over the icon saying “Edit Share Settings”. If you click on that, you can just enter the e-mail address of the person of whom you wish to share the list.

If you are signed onto and have already clicked on the Reminder Icon, you will see if anyone has invited to share a list with you. If they have, you will see the name of the list on the left and beneath the list it will say “Invitation from…”. If you click on that list you can choose to accept or decline the offer.

Once you have completed any of these steps, your lists will now be shared with the person of your choice. If any of you decide to edit, add or delete anything from the list it will appear that way on your iPhone. Hopefully Apple will add the ability to share from within the iPhone with the next iOS 6 update. This is pure speculation, but I bet we will learn when the next iOS update will be available during Apple’s up and coming media event next week.