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    iPhone 4S – Battery Tips

    As I have not had the time to write my review of Apples iPhone 4S yet, I do have time to give a quick rundown of the battery. At first glance, it seemed as if the battery life with the iPhone 4S was not nearly as good as compared to the iPhone 4. After only …   Read More

  • iOS 5 – Hidden Treasures

    OK, so two of my favorite new features of iOS 5 I consider hidden treasures. Why? Because one was not advertised at all and the other was something iPhone users have been begging for, for a long time and was barely mentioned before launch.   Read More

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    The iPhone 4 Steve

    If you read my initial reaction blog to the iPhone 4S, you would have interpreted that there was no way I was going to purchase it. Of course, at that time I had no plans to do so as I had fully determined I would wait for the iPhone Next. However, a few days had …   Read More

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    iPhone 4S, Thoughts and Opinion…

    Well, Apple dropped the big bomb today with the announcement of the iPhone 4S.  My initial thought was:  Does the S in 4S stand for Shitty or Sucks?  But in all honesty, it is not a bad phone.  It is just not what we were hoping for.  Had it been announced back in June like …   Read More