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    iOS 7 Podcast App – Beyond Frustrating…

    So with the release of iOS 7 and the redesign Apple had to update all of their Apps to match the new design. But something funny happened while they did this, their Podcast App has been broken since its release and there is no sign...

  • Apple Maps… Good Seed, Bad Apple

    So now that Apple Maps has officially been released to the public for four months, we have had some time to really test out the software and get a feel for what is right and wrong about it. Let me start by saying, when I think Apple Maps, I think GPS. I could care less …   Read More

  • iOS 6.1 – A User Review

    So we were all surprised today when Apple released an upgrade to iOS 6. While we knew 6.1 had been in beta for quite a while, there was no announcement of when we could expect an official release.  While syncing my iPhone 5 today, I was ecstatic to get a release that I didn’t have …   Read More

  • How to Share Reminders in iOS 6

    So tonight I began to wonder how I would go about sharing Reminders on my iPhone. I remember hearing about that feature a while ago, but never looked into it. I figured it was about time to try and be more efficient and sharing Honey Do’s and Shopping Lists with my wife. Instead of her …   Read More

  • Remove Newsstand from iOS 6 and iPhone 5 – A Step by Step Guide

    I know I am not the only one who is totally frustrated with the inability to move Newsstand into a folder of its own or remove all together on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6.  Well, after much time I have finally discovered a way that is possible to move it into another folder or remove …   Read More

  • How To Remove Applications Completely in Mac OS X

    I’m not sure if you are like me, but since I have started using Mac’s I have never felt completely comfortable with installing/uninstalling applications. Well, I came across this video the other night on how to complete remove applications without the use of any additional software. The video is only two minutes, but is very …   Read More

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    iTunes Match Sucks…

    Not sure what else I could add, the title says it all.  When iTunes match was first announced, I remember someone saying “It just works”.  With no disrespect intended, that is a load of bull!  iTunes Match does anything but “just work”.   While the idea is great, there is still some work to be done. …   Read More

  • iPhone 4S, More Tips for Better Battery Life

    So last week I had a few tips to try and help improve battery life for the iPhone 4S. While many of those will help here are a few more, tips and a suggested App you can use to help better battery life. Since iOS 4 I have been using an App by the name …   Read More

  • iPhone 4S – One Week Later

    So I have actively been using my iPhone 4S since its release last Friday. Originally after Apple’s Keynote announcing the iPhone 4S I was against upgrading since I didn’t feel that it was that much of a jump. Sometime between the announcement and the pre-order period I had changed my mind and let it get …   Read More

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