• General Hospital Fan Club Weekend and How I Got My Start!

    It has been seven years since I’ve been a freelance photographer for magazines including Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly & Soaps In Depth. As I prepare for my twelve day trip out west for the “General Hospital” and “All My Children” Fan Club Weekends, I figured there is no better time then now to …   Read More

  • Hunter Tylo – Not Taylor Made

    Wow, how unlucky can one woman be? As I sit here watching The Bold and the Beautiful with my wife, Ridge Forrester has just left Dr. Taylor Hayes at the altar again to return to the love of his life Brooke Logan. I know this is not unusual for a soap opera, but since her …   Read More

  • Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going…

    As I head into New York City on the express bus I figured it would be a great opportunity for me to post a blog. A funny little thing happened on the way, I realized I took it for granted that I had the ability to do so and post it all available at my …   Read More

  • A Look Forward

    I am so excited as I am officially kicking off my first full week of content on my “Stupid Little Blog” and what a week to do it with as I have so much going on before I head out west for twelve days.  The site has finally come together where I feel comfortable getting …   Read More

  • All Hail Derek Jeter

    Every website, every sports talk radio show, every newscast, on Twitter, blogs and message boards everywhere Derek Jeter is once again a hero.  The microscope that he has been living under for the past year, where he was practically criticized every at bat, seems to be all but forgotten.  For today, everyone remembered who Derek …   Read More