For many years, it’s been in the back of my mind to start a website of my own.  Its sole purpose was beyond me. I had too much I wanted to talk about. Perhaps, I wanted to possibly entertain a few people out there on the Internet.   Tossing around this idea for years, I recently decided I would move forward and make this, for lack of a better word, “blog” and have fun with it. Limiting this to a blog would not be an accurate description of what I look to accomplish. However, while trying to think of a nifty little name for my site, I was aggravated  that I could not come up with a title for my “Stupid Little Blog.”  With that, my friends, I move forward.

I have been a photographer in the Daytime Television industry for seven years now.  It is job which I have enjoyed immensely.  I was very lucky that for the past seven years I was able to make a living doing two of the things I have had a passion for most of my life: photography and soap operas.  Yes, I know, you’re wondering how a male such as myself would become a fan of soap operas.   All I’ll tell you for now is Kristina Wagner.  Keep reading, as I am sure you’ll find it one of my posts down the line.

As I mentioned earlier, this website holds no boundaries.  Sure, I know most males don’t want to read about soap operas, but I will go on tangents on just about anything and put my own spin on it. There should be something here for just about everyone. I’m a thirty-six-year-old male, so as you can imagine, I am into my little gadgets and technology.  I bleed Yankee blue, so there will be pinstripe talk.  I’m a wrestling fan, so expect me to touch on that as well.  Love me my computers, iPhones, anything digital. I’ll even look forward to sharing some of my favorite App’s with you and hope you will do the same.  DVD’s, Blu-Rays, Music…if it’s relevant and being talked about today, you’ll probably find me talking about it here.  Heck, if you’re lucky (or some would say, “unlucky”), I may even talk about politics – something of which I know almost nothing about. I am sure it would be quite amusing.  If there is someone out there who wants me to talk about their product, a movie, or anything else I could possibly review, just let me know and I would be glad to do that as well.

More than a blog?  Yes, I’m looking to entertain.  I’m not here to break news or talk down to you, I’m simply here to tell you how I see it.  I love talk radio.  I’ve always wanted to do talk radio and on my website you can expect me to host my very own podcast(I know it’s not exactly talk radio, but this is my website and damn it I’ll do as I please).  With a little luck, I’ll have some guests on as well from all different aspects of life. I will try to present it to you in a way that’s entertaining, informative, and not the same old boring interview you’ve heard so many times before.

Last but not least, do not be fooled by the name of this website. While it is my “Stupid Little Blog”, there is absolutely nothing stupid about it.

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